leave your bag of bones underneath your bed

through still and storm
12 May 1992
hi, i'm katrine and i don't really care about anything apart from slash and pop music.
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» credits:
, aiden grimshaw, anything gay, cam- and caps-whoring bb, complaining about everything, dreaming about liam payne, drinking iced tea, falling asleep to music, floynter, harry judd, harry/louis, harry/louis/zayn, harry/niall, having mouth-diarrhoea, having too many ships, jonas brothers, junes, liam/niall, louis/liam, maiden, making lameass playlists, matt cardle, mcfly, not sleeping at night, one direction, playing buzz with loons, reading books i hate, reading crap norwegian magazines, ron swanson/bacon, very cheesy man-pop, zayn malik's face